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Keep track of what your team knows. They get to keep track of what's worth knowing.

Skilltree is a place where everyone on your team can be on the same page about what skills eachother knows, and what skills the company cares most about -- whether those be core business skills or hot, new skills the team needs to start exploring.

Communicate What's Important

Within Skilltree, you can mark skills as "core" or "hot", which all team members can see. Core skills are esential to your business. Hot skills aren't essential to your business, but rather skills you've identified as worth gaining some familiarity with.


Skilltree gives you a place to discover who knows what: whether you're seeking help from someone with more experience and aren't sure who to ask, or looking teammates with skills well-suited to a new project your team just landed.

Set Goals

Within Skilltree, you can set goals for certain skills your team needs to level up. This can be to combat internal knowledge silos, or just to stay ahead of your competitors. Goals can be set at all levels of your organization.

Track Progress

Skilltree makes it easy for individual teammates to track all that they know, and what they'd like to know better. All while keeping an eye on core skills, hot skills, and team goals.

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